Bianca Pavel: Home Manager at Maple Lodge Colonel Mark Faulkner: Former British Army Officer (Late Royal Dragoons Guards), Resident Christianne Cole: Unit Manager Corporal Freddy Charles Dubois: Second Battalion of the Parachute Regiment Mayor Cllr Colin Mincher: Mayor of Colburn

On Friday, November 10, the residents and staff at Maple Lodge Care Home located on Low Hall Lane in Catterick, gathered together to honour the Armistice Day and commemorate peace and remembrance. The esteemed Mayor, Cllr Colin Mincher, was welcomed by the community within Maple Lodge, who united to mark this significant occasion.

In an emotional tribute, residents and staff have created a Wall of Remembrance within the home. The wall serves as a poignant reminder, adorned with images and photographs commemorating family members lost in conflicts spanning from World War I and World War II to more recent conflicts in Iraq. The celebration uniquely embraced the diverse warriors from far and wide, including the revered Sikh and Gurkha soldiers, alongside the local heroes stationed at Catterick Garrison.

Among the cherished images were those of brave soldiers, such as the revered Private Glynn John Hampson, who served valiantly with the 1st Battalion, The Parachute Regiment. His life was tragically lost in 1979 while on an exchange visit with the 101st Airborne Division in Tennessee, USA. The homage also includes the memory of Private William Merryweather, husband of resident Jean Merryweather, commemorating his service and sacrifice.

The heartwarming initiative received an overwhelming response from families and staff who contributed photographs of their beloved ones, underscoring the diversity and unity of shared sacrifices throughout history. These activities often spark profound conversations, evoking cherished memories and wartime experiences.

“The gathering was a powerful testament to our collective commitment to peace and remembrance,” shared Bianca Pavel, the home manager. “The images and stories shared here pay tribute to the courageous souls who have sacrificed, in some cases, everything for the cause of peace.”

Maple Lodge Care Home stands united in paying homage to these heroes, fostering a spirit of unity and remembrance among its community.