Equality Diversity and Inclusivity

We value each person’s individuality and celebrate diversity by creating welcoming and inclusive care homes where everyone can be their self. Overall we aim to promote an inclusive, compassionate and collaborative care home culture where we respect the individuality and identity of everyone who lives, works and visits our care homes.

Recognising the diverse needs of individuals, we proactively embrace a person-centred approach that prioritises the safety and security of our residents. Upholding human rights as a cornerstone, we champion equality, diversity, and inclusivity in every facet of our operations. Our dedication to respect, combined with a sustainable ethos, aims to ensure that each person feels valued and supported, contributing to a harmonious and thriving community.

We advocate for and respect the human rights of everyone we have the privilege to care for at Highgate Care, in each of our care homes in Yorkshire, the North East, North Lincolnshire and Staffordshire.