A close up of Emm, former Home Manager at Hutton Cranswick's care home, Cranswick Lodge.

Highgate Care proudly announces that Emine Tekis, Home Manager of Cranswick Lodge Care Home, has been leading the change in improving the quality of care and life for our residents for twelve months. Emine’s background in marine biology might be an unconventional start for a career in social care. Still, it has uniquely prepared her for the challenges she now takes on in the world of older peoples’ care.


Leaving her home country of Turkey to study marine biology and pursuing a PhD, Emine took a detour to work as a carer in a learning disability and challenging behaviour care home. That decision marked the beginning of her impressive career in social care. Over the course of ten years and nine months, Emine worked her way up the ladder from a care assistant to Care Manager, accumulating experience and expertise along the way.


Emine’s journey has led her to Cranswick Lodge, where she took the reins as Home Manager twelve months ago. Before her interview, Emine extensively researched the home’s history to find ways to improve it, ensuring it meets the needs of the local community. Beyond her passion for end-of-life care, Emine has recently taken on the role of Highgate Care’s Ambassador for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity. She believes that everyone, residents and staff alike, should experience a warm, welcoming, and secure environment at Cranswick Lodge where they can truly be themselves. Emine is passionate about fostering a culture of inclusivity and is dedicated to promoting a sense of belonging for all within the Cranswick Lodge community.


Reflecting on the Past Year: What’s Changed at Cranswick Lodge?

Emine’s approach to care centres on the residents, emphasising their safety, voice, wishes, and opinions. From day one, she made it a priority to personally get to know each resident and to listen actively to their concerns, ensuring their unique needs are met.

She initiated meetings with family members to review their loved one’s care plans and proactively involved residents and their families in the care planning process. Ensuring personalised, person-centred care plans was a fundamental aspect of her approach.

Residents and their relatives spoke positively about the improvements made at Cranswick Lodge and explained how the new manager was enhancing resident’s wellbeing. Comments included, “The new manager is very transparent, very approachable. They manager is easy to approach, very proactive and acts on things” and “It’s a better place since the new manager took over. The manager is easy to talk to and I think that now it’s a friendly and well organised place.”

Emine also sought to identify her residents’ values, respect their wishes, and encourage open dialogue so they feel their voices are listened to. One of the key lessons she learned is the importance of respecting each individual’s diverse background and promoting a culture of inclusivity.


Boosting Staff Morale and Effectiveness

Emine’s leadership extends to the staff at Cranswick Lodge. She conducted one-on-one staff meetings to identify their unique abilities and areas where they could excel. This approach, focusing on their positive attributes, significantly boosted staff morale. Staff felt the new manager was supportive and spoke positively about them. Staff commented, “The management team are approachable and have engaged with me a lot. The management team ask me how people are and ask for my feedback and they check it out and act, if needed” and “The service is more organised, and communication is so much better. There is a more positive atmosphere, and this is down to the new manager. I am confident if manager stays, improvements will continue.”


Maintaining Safety and Improving Quality of Life

In her efforts to improve the residents’ quality of care and life, Emine actively listens to residents, their families, and staff, making herself an approachable figure who understands the daily challenges and concerns. She effectively reduced residents’ falls by 85%, a remarkable achievement.  She also works closely with other health and social care professionals to ensure good outcomes for her residents, demonstrating effective partnership working.


Embracing Technology and Feedback

Under her leadership, the care team has embraced electronic care plan systems and new technologies, providing an efficient means of managing and recording residents’ care needs. She also adopted a proactive approach to feedback, actively seeking input from residents, families, and staff.

Emine’s legacy at Cranswick Lodge is marked by her drive to create a supportive, transparent, open work environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Highgate Care is proud to have Emine Tekis at the helm of Cranswick Lodge, exemplifying what a forward-thinking and compassionate Home Manager can achieve.

Cranswick Lodge is now on 9.7 with carehome.co.uk, with many positive reviews and references to the many positive changes Emine has implemented over the year.