Welcome to Highgate Care

Welcome to Highgate Care: Where Kindness is Key

Nutrition and Wellbeing

Kindness extends to the dining table. We strongly advocate for healthy nutritious, and balanced diets for all our residents. Mealtimes are an important and social part of our residents’ day. We take pride in offering delicious home-cooked meals prepared and served with kindness. We also respect the individual preferences, cultural differences, religious requirements and specific dietary and health needs of each resident. We aim to make the dining experience positive and promote this as an integral part of everyone’s wellbeing.

A Vibrant and Active Lifestyle

We create vibrant, active lifestyles for our residents. We encourage participation in a range of activities and events that appeal to individual interests, promoting fun and enjoyment for those who choose to take part and relaxation for those who prefer a more quiet time.

We take time to understand the life experiences of our residents when planning activities and events and we ensure everyone feels included and respected whilst also recognising the individuality and diversity of our residents. With this in mind, we plan varied calendar activities and social events that celebrate cultures and beliefs creating welcoming and inclusive environments. We offer hairdressing in all our homes, in addition to regular visits from qualified professionals such as chiropodists supporting good quality holistic care for our residents.

Commitment to Delivering Good Care

Kindness is key at Highgate Care and is embedded into everything we do to ensure our residents are comfortable and supported to live well within their home of choice. We place paramount importance on staff selection and training, believing that kindness is the cornerstone of good, person-centred care. We look for this value in everyone who expresses their interest in joining our diverse care teams. Our staff undergo comprehensive training that provides them with the knowledge and skills to provide good quality care and make a positive difference every day. We prioritise ongoing development, supporting our care teams with additional training and professional qualifications to support care careers within our company. This ensures that good practice is strongly embedded within our care sections and delivered to our residents.

We always listen to feedback as this always supports ongoing learning and development. Equally, we take any concerns and complaints seriously and ensure they are looked into and resolved.

At Highgate Care, our mission is to provide a nurturing and supportive environment in line with our vision and values in every one of our care homes in Yorkshire, the North East, North Lincolnshire and Staffordshire.

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