Richard Price (L) and Richard Hoggart (R) before their their climb.

Highgate Care proudly announces its support for the upcoming expedition of its esteemed owner, Richard Hoggart, and the adventurous Richard Price, as they embark on a challenging journey to conquer Kilimanjaro this week, 17th January 2024.

Ascending close to 6000 meters above sea level, Hoggart and Price will spend seven days navigating demanding terrains and camping under the African skies. Equipped with essentials ranging from food and sleeping gear to clothing and portable toilets, they are prepared for an extraordinary adventure.

More than a physical challenge, this climb is a valiant pursuit of multiple charitable causes that hold special significance for both individuals. Highgate Care encourages the community to extend their support through well-wishes and social media amplification, recognizing the potential impact of such endeavors on raising funds for these noteworthy causes.

“We stand in solidarity with Richard Hoggart and Richard Price, applauding their dedication to charitable causes and their commitment to undertaking this remarkable expedition,” said Joanne Fogg,Managing Director at Highgate Care. “Their journey embodies the spirit of making a difference, compassion and kindness at the very heart of Highgate Care’s values.”

Highgate Care invites individuals, businesses, and the wider community to join them in wishing Richard Hoggart and Richard Price a safe and triumphant journey. To contribute to their charitable causes, please visit: