Brenda & Graham, residents at Alpine Lodge Care Home in Stocksbridge near Sheffield

Alpine Lodge Care Home in Stocksbridge extends its heartfelt gratitude to local Stocksbridge florist,  Garden of Eden for their generous gift of a stunning bouquet of vibrant red roses. The surprise delivery has brought immeasurable joy to the entire Alpine Lodge community, elevating spirits and adding a touch of elegance to the home’s ambiance.

The magnificent display, has captured the admiration of residents and staff alike. Brenda, a resident at Alpine Lodge, expressed awe at the beauty of the flowers, while Graham marveled at the abundance of red roses. Tony, with his characteristic humor, lightened the atmosphere with a jest about the cost, much to the amusement of everyone present.

Claire, the Home Manager, echoed the sentiments of the community, extending heartfelt gratitude for the thoughtful gesture. The floral arrangement has indeed enhanced the entrance of Alpine Lodge, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

Kath Annerson, a family member of one of the residents, shared how the display uplifted spirits and created a cheerful ambiance within the home. The generosity of Garden of Eden has not only touched the hearts of residents but has also positively impacted the entire Alpine Lodge community.

A special acknowledgment is extended to Brenda Duffield and Graham Alcock, residents who were delighted to pose with the beautiful display, capturing the joy and appreciation felt by all.

Alpine Lodge Care Home sincerely thanks Garden of Eden Florist for their kindness and generosity. Their thoughtful gesture has made a significant difference in the lives of those within the Alpine Lodge community, spreading happiness and positivity throughout the home.