Congratulations to Highgate Care on reaching its one-year milestone, following its full rebrand. Over the past year, Highgate Care has been at the heart of numerous stories emerging from its 11 care homes: The Grange, The Lawns, The Elms, Maple Lodge, Alpine Lodge, Cherry Trees, Cranswick Lodge, Oaktree Hall & Lodge, Foresters Lodge, Figham House, and The Limes.

Each of these homes is not just a building but a vibrant community where residents live and thrive.

Joanne Fogg, Managing Director of Highgate Care, emphasised, “The stories of Highgate Care and our eleven care homes are a testament to the unwavering commitment and boundless compassion of the care teams who work diligently to ensure the wellbeing and happiness of the residents. Their efforts do not go unnoticed; they are the foundation of the care that is provided at Highgate. We express our deep gratitude to all staff members who have dedicated themselves to making a positive difference in the lives of others, every single day. Your passion and dedication have made every moment truly meaningful for the residents and their loved ones.”

In addition to the daily acts of kindness and care, Highgate Care has also established its vision and values, reflecting the ethos and commitment of its staff and the broader community it serves. These guiding principles will continue to shape the organisation’s journey as it strives to provide exemplary care and support to all those entrusted to its care.

As Highgate Care reflects on its first year and looks ahead to the future, it will remain a symbol of compassion, excellence, and community, enhancing the lives of both residents and staff. Here’s to many more years of success, expansion, and making a positive impact in the field of care and care homes.

Three cheers and a huge thank you to our teams at Highgate Care for making a positive difference every day!