Highgate Care Honours


Highgate Care Honours is a recognition programme to acknowledge team members who embody the organisation’s Vision and Values of Kindness, Quality Care, Making a Positive Difference, and Respect for Individuality. The programme celebrates individuals who consistently demonstrate these values and prioritise the well-being of residents and colleagues. Joanne Fogg, Managing Director at Highgate Care, said, “Highgate Care Honours is a token of our gratitude for the dedication and exceptional contributions of our team members.”

December 2023

Highgate Care is thrilled to announce that Charlotte Welbourn, our Head Housekeeper at Cranswick Lodge has been honoured with the prestigious Highgate Honours for this quarter. This recognition celebrates her unwavering dedication to the Cranswick Lodge community and her embodiment of Highgate Care’s Vision and Values.

As a beacon of kindness, Charlotte fosters a compassionate and supportive environment for both the Cranswick Lodge team and its residents. She firmly believes in the transformative power of kindness, creating a space where positivity is infectious, and everyone feels valued.

Quality care, according to Charlotte, is not just a duty but a commitment to ensuring the safety, well-being, and person-centered care for every individual. In her role as Head Housekeeper, she takes pride in maintaining a clean, infection-free environment at Cranswick Lodge, ensuring residents experience comfort and joy in their daily lives.
Her approach to making a positive difference is rooted in genuine connections. Charlotte actively listens to residents, learning their preferences and cherishing the opportunity to be an integral part of their daily lives. Every day is a learning process, which she embraces with enthusiasm and dedication.

Highgate Care congratulates Charlotte Welbourn for her well-deserved recognition and thanks her for her exceptional commitment to enriching the lives of our residents. Her dedication is an inspiration to us all.

Pictured: Charlotte Welbourn

August 2023

Highgate Care proudly announces the recipient of its inaugural “Highgate Honours Award,” a distinction reserved for remarkable individuals exemplifying the organisation’s core values in their daily roles.

Heartfelt congratulations are extended to Paula, the Activities Lead at The Grange Care Home located in Darlington. Paula’s dedication to her work has spanned just over a year. In addition to her integral role at The Grange, Paula is a loving mother of four, and embodies a family-oriented, kind, and compassionate spirit.

In response to how she embodies Highgate Care’s values, Paula shared her thoughts:

“In both my professional and personal life, I ensure kindness is key, striving for this every day through genuine care. At work, I give 110% to every resident, providing assistance and support, both physically and emotionally. I’ve built a fantastic rapport with residents and colleagues, always approaching others with the utmost respect and empathy. Kindness doesn’t cost a thing.

I am committed to ensuring residents receive quality care, whether in activities, during meal times, or in personal care. Each resident deserves quality care, and it is an honor to care for our elderly. I love my job, the home I work in, and feel that together, we celebrate quality care at The Grange. Carmen, the Home Manager at The Grange, instills belief in ourselves and the importance of our work—it’s not just a job; it’s a way of life.

In my role, I make a positive difference every day. When I leave at the end of the day, I know I’ve given my very best for quality care. For example, if a resident is having a down day, I spread my positive attitude and bubbly personality to ensure their happiness and help them achieve their full potential.

I also ensure each resident’s individuality is respected, as no two residents are the same. I work with residents and their families to create a positive environment, making the home feel like a ‘home from home.’ ”

A huge well done and thank you for everything you do, Paula.


Pictured: Joanne with Paula

Highgate Honours: Joanne Fogg Managing Director with Paula