Wearing it pink, the staff dress up and raise awareness of breast cancer, raising funds for the charity in Hutton Cranswick

In a show of unity and support, the esteemed residents and dedicated staff of Cranswick Lodge, located in Hutton Cranswick, marked a significant occasion on October 20th. Together, they adorned themselves in various shades of pink, not merely as a fashion statement, but as a resounding symbol of solidarity and hope. 💗

The act of “wearing it pink” transcends aesthetics; it embodies a profound commitment to raising awareness and essential funds for life-saving breast cancer research and crucial support for those in need.

Our devoted care team and the entire staff at Cranswick Lodge wholeheartedly embraced the spirit of the day. Their active participation was a testament to their unwavering passion and dedication to making a positive impact within the Hutton Cranswick community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined hands and contributed to this noble cause. Together, we are actively shaping a brighter and healthier future. 🌸 #WearItPink #BreastCancerAwareness #CommunitySupport