Figham House Care Home residents are going absolutely batty for Halloween! Spooky season is in full swing at Figham House, and the creativity is off the charts!

Halloween excitement has taken over Figham House Care Home! Our residents are fully embracing the spooky season with outstanding creativity.

Noel had a humorous encounter as his bat buddy playfully tampered with his glasses, and Betty experienced a light-hearted nibble from her bat! Both residents enjoyed taming their bats and delved into crafting these spooky creatures with much laughter.

Eileen opted for pink legs for her bat, paying tribute to her favourite colour, purple, which sparked delightful conversations about favourite colours and beloved childhood nicknames. The atmosphere was filled with shared stories and laughter.

Joining the fun were Betty, Pat, Denise, Joan D, and more, who were pleasantly surprised by their own creativity. They expressed their enjoyment with comments like, “This is more fun than I thought” and “Look what I made!”

The event wasn’t just about fun; it was a meaningful opportunity for our residents to bond, share laughs, and unleash their creativity, thereby strengthening friendships and building lasting memories at our Beverley care home.