To mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day, we at Figham House Care Home in Beverley took some time to reflect on this significant historical event with our residents, Irmgard.

At Figham House Care Home in Beverley, we honoured the 80th anniversary of D-Day by reflecting on the experiences of our residents who lived through this historic event. Michelle, our Activity Coordinator, shared the heartfelt stories of residents who experienced the war firsthand.

One such resident is Irmgard, who was 15 years old and living in Germany during D-Day. She spoke of the severe hardships her family endured, including starvation, freezing conditions, and the constant fear of speaking out. They lived on a stud farm, and one day, German soldiers took all their horses for the war. Life was harsh, with frequent bombings and time spent in bunkers for safety.

After leaving school at 14, Irmgard worked with other families, often struggling to find decent food. Her brother, a pilot, was drafted into the forces and tragically died in a plane crash just a week before D-Day.

Despite these challenges, Irmgard found moments of happiness. She met her husband, Roy, an English soldier, at a Church Dance in Germany. At 19, she moved to the UK to work in a hospital, and eventually, Roy joined her and they married.

Irmgard’s story highlights the resilience and strength of those who lived through the war. Her reflections serve as a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made and the importance of remembering our history.
Join us in honouring these memories and celebrating the peace we enjoy today.