A true train enthusiast and former railway worker, Edward, along with our fantastic Activity Coordinator Michelle, visited the Carlton Railway Society to explore their mesmerising model trains.

Figham House Care Home is thrilled to share the heartwarming tale of resident Edward, a lifelong train enthusiast and former railway worker, who recently enjoyed a memorable outing to the Carlton Railway Society. The visit, organised by the dedicated Activity Coordinator, Michelle, proved to be a delightful experience for Edward and the entire Figham House community.

Despite the chilly weather, Edward’s passion for trains shone brightly as he immersed himself in the captivating world of model trains at the Carlton Railway Society. The outing, made possible through the thoughtful collaboration between Edward, Michelle, and the railway enthusiasts at Carlton Railway Society, showcased the power of person-centred care in creating meaningful and engaging experience.

During the visit, Edward engaged in spirited conversations with fellow train enthusiasts, sharing his extensive knowledge and experiences from his years working on the railways. The warm hospitality of Sean and the entire Carlton Railway Society team added an extra layer of joy to the afternoon, with Edward eagerly anticipating a return visit in the warmer months.

The outing was not only an opportunity for Edward to indulge in his passion but also a testament to the positive impact of person-centred activities on residents’ well-being. Michelle, the Activities Coordinator, played a pivotal role in ensuring that the day was tailored to Edward’s interests, fostering a sense of connection and joy.

In a particularly heartwarming moment, Edward, who occasionally struggles with vocal projection, not only engaged with everyone but spoke up so well that, when asked if he was ready to leave, he responded with a resounding “We are talking.” This small but significant triumph highlights the power of personalised and meaningful outings in enhancing residents’ confidence and communication skills.

Figham House Care Home extends its sincere gratitude to Sean and the Carlton Railway Society for their warm welcome and hospitality.