Regional Manager at Highgate Care - Dolores Pooley

As a member of the team at Highgate Care, Dolores describes her career as a care assistant and owner of a domiciliary care service before joining Highgate Care.

I started my care career 32 years ago, as a care assistant in a nursing home, where the home manager taught me the skills to deliver quality care that our residents needed. I realised after the first day that working in care was my passion and it has since become my lifetime career.

I became a senior care assistant and then progressed into various roles within health and social care. I worked in the NHS as an auxiliary nurse on the emergency admission unit and then joined a pilot scheme for the first rapid response team in County Durham.

I decided to start my own domiciliary care company which I ran successfully for over 14 years. Thereafter, I rejoined the care sector and successfully managed a 74- bed nursing home prior to progressing into a regional manager role.

I absolutely feel my career to date has helped me to understand what good quality care should look and feel like for our residents. I think it is important that everyone working in our care homes understands that caring for people in Highgate Care is an absolute privilege and the love and care we provide, should give them and their loved ones the fondest memories to cherish.

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